We breathe new life into old wood

Climate and weather have a way of tinting wood and enhancing its rings in a manner unattainable for any person or a machine. We cherish the natural beauty of this noble material interfering only minimally in its appearance.

Above: Bardage panel
Zdjęcie produktu: drzwi ze starego drewna


Zdjęcie produktu: drzwi ze starego drewna


Natural material

It takes decades for the wood to gain its unique texture and an astonishingly wide range of colours. No man and no machine is capable of achieving such phenomenal effects.

We care for originality of our material, therefore we do not use impregnation products. It can result with presence of insects in recovered wood.

Zdjęcie desek ze starego drewna, naszego materiału
Zdjęcie dłoni pracownika, uzupełniającego sęki w deskach.

Our products are made exclusively from original old wood. We do not make new boards look old or antiquate them in any way. We work only on authentic material, the age of which is at least 30 years. Many buildings which we recover wood from have the date of origin etched on their wooden elements. The oldest of them came from 1896. That’s 120 years of history!

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