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Breathing new life into old wood

How the wood looks like depends on the region which it comes from, and the way it ages is influenced by the height above sea level. Wood in the mountains ages faster because of variable weather conditions. Over the years of experience we have come to such practice that we are able to tell the area which a single wooden board comes from.

Marek Barczak, właściciel firmy, wybiera właściwy materiał

Marek Barczak, owner

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Duży Staw w Potoczku

Big Pond/Duży Staw in Potoczek

The Place

Endless forests and little industrialization have made Central and Eastern Europe a land of old wood. Multitude of small farms is characteristic for this region. Wood has always been their primary construction material - hand-cut by the local loggers. Times are changing, wooden buildings are replaced by those made of brick. This is the last moment to obtain the material worked with the legendary, carpentry precision.

Detale materiału wokół sęka, uzupełnionego.

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The People

Stare Drewno is a team of professionals focused on a common goal. Working with old wood is not a standard carpentry job, it is a craft that takes years to master. That is why work is our passion and we do our best to make our client see it at every stage of cooperation.

Nasi specjaliści przygotowują materiał
Brakujące sęki trzeba uzupełnić ręcznie
Nasz pracownik uważnie przycina materiał
Marek Barczak, właściciel firmy, wybiera właściwy materiał

The Material

Our products are made exclusively from original old wood. We do not make new boards look old or antiquate them in any way. We work only on authentic material, the age of which is at least 30 years. Many buildings which we recover wood from have the date of origin etched on their wooden elements. The oldest of them came from 1896. That’s 120 years of history!

Climate and weather have a way of tinting wood and enhancing its rings in a manner unattainable for any person or a machine. We cherish the natural beauty of this noble material interfering only minimally in its appearance.

Zdjęcie licznych sęków leżących na drewnie i czekających na włożenie ich w miejsce brakujących

Since 2005, with a group of fantastic people, we have been breathing new life into reclaimed wood.

Zdjęcie grupowe, wspaniały zespół Starego Drewna
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